Out n Out

Out n Out is the premier brand in dog sports coats. Founded by Swedish dog lovers. They offer a well thought out layering system to keep your dog warm and dry in all weathers.

Layer 1
Woolspeed and Powerstretch (super fit all year round)

Layer 1 is used closest to the body and should cover the large muscle groups front and hind as well as the back. A prerequisite for a blanket to improve and help warm up (and cool down) is that the dog has the opportunity to stretch fully in its movements. A comfortable jacket, in which the dog is completely relaxed, can also be used during recovery to increase blood circulation. Out-n-out mixes smart constructions with the very best materials to satisfy the sports dog’s needs. Unfortunately, our jackets might not fit the widest dogs. (Feel free to ask if you are unsure.)

Layer 2
Warmwool (for warmth)

If you have a dog that’s getting cold you may need a warmer jacket next to the body. Warmwool you can use ontop of our Layer 1 jackets. Warmwool plus is a warmer version with its own lining. perfect for cold winters or dogs that tend to get cold.

Layer 3
Rain jacket Neoflex (for rain or snow)

Layer 3 is wind and water resistant. It’s a shell that protects against wind and moisture from the outside while retaining the heat closest to the body. With the help of functional material, any moisture in layers 1-2 can come out.

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